Yeah. We brought Jakarta and Washington to Massa…

Yeah so flooding in Massa. We had to seek higher ground. More later

Behold, water and buildings

*whispers* pssst you guys it’s totally Cam from Modern Family omg omg

I feel like my vacation playlist is appropriate

Ahawwwwwww yiss. Playing MASH whilst waiting for dinner. I am a graffiti artist living in a nest in North Korea with my husband Ian Somerhalder, our 19 children, and our German Shepherd Samantha (pre-zombie). My hobby is teaching hot yoga and my mode of transportation is penny boarding.
I’m just super satisfied that I made 19 children with Ian Somerhalder 😍💁👍

Right so let’s talk about the graffiti art yeah?

Well… When in Firenze… 💁 hashtagGoManU hashtagDrankInMyWineGlass

Mom. Dad. I want to go back. I have to go back. Lois said I have to come back or else there will be an international crisis. We must think about the wellbeing of the American people.

Right so there’s the diploma, coz I’m now legit 😎 (level 1 legit, but legit nonetheless). And I’m sorry but it is just so cute to me that they wrote in English and CURSIVE English 😂😂😂 I mean half the people I know back home can barely do that 😑 I love Dutch people so much.

Jersey and scarf collection, now with international updates!

Kid on the left is Django Marsh (yes, that is actually his name). His dad cocreated Phineas and Ferb and still writes for it. He himself is the voice of a minor character, Balthazar. He’s also been in Legion (as a voice of one of the monsters). I mean he’s on freaking IMDb so he’s legitimate-ish. He’s actually pretty hilarious and imma miss that him a lot and his ridiculous hat and hair

We had to find our skin color as our first assignment. Took me 47 tries